Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Degree Project - Work in Progress

I'm doing my DP on my experiences living in a small, racist town in Virginia. Don't worry- it's not supposed to be serious. It'll be funny. Hopefully. Here's all that I have so far. Only 30 secs of the 3 minutes that I need. Gulp.

"The Cold Umbrella & the Warm Scarf"

This is a project I did for Character Animation. It's actually a combination of 2 assignments: 1) to draw an inanimate object expressing a feeling (in my case, it's cold) and 2) to show it's interaction with another inanimate object.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Here's an assignment we had for my Character Animation class. We had to animate a character with a handicap.

"Lost Friend"

Here's a collaborative piece between myself and a Berklee music student, Nate Donmoyer. We both like robots and techno, so how can you lose, really. Nate did such a great job with the music; I like this piece 5x more with his soundtrack.
This whole thing was done with charcoal pencils on a small CVS memo pad.

"Children's Literacy PSA"

Here's a PSA I did for children's literacy. The music is by Nate Donmoyer again. Some day, I'll color this thing. Maybe.

Walk Cycle Montage

Mandatory for every animator to learn.

"My Mini Epic"

For my Stop Motion final, I thought that it would be fun to stage a Lord of the Ring-esque battle scene with a tiny figure and a crappy paper boat.

Style Piece - Joanna Quinn

Here's one of the style pieces that I did for ANIM4. We had to try and produce some animation in the style of another animator. Here, I was trying to emulate Joanna Quinn (she does the "Charmin" commercials). Meh- not very successful.
A lot of animators like Joanna Quinn's style, because you can really see the artist's hand in the work. In this age of sterilized, computer generated animation, it's so nice to see the human touch on an animated piece.

Style Piece - "t.o.m."

Here's another style piece I did, after the British animation "t.o.m." It's supposed to have a painterly look to it, although it was all done digitally. The grainy video here makes it somewhat difficult to see what I was going after.

Style Piece - Jeff Scher

Jeff Scher is an animator who heavily utilizes rotoscoping, collage, and painting in his animation. My original plan was to do something much more elaborate, but I just ran out of time at the end of the semester. Hand painting each frame took way longer than I had anticipated.
If you want to see what my inspiration was, check out Jeff Scher's "L'Eau Life." It's a beautiful animation.

"Time Texture"

Our assignment was to go out, find a bunch of garbage (literally), and do an animation with it. The joke in class was that my titles are longer than the actual animation in this piece.

"Board As A Child"

This is an animation that we had to do in class about transitions. We had to take a bunch of objects with a shared theme (in this case, board games) and unite all of them through transitioning.

"In A Box"

Here's a stop-motion piece that I did for an assignment called "In A Box." That should be self-explanatory.

Life Drawing class - Final Project

Luckily, our class' nude model didn't find it creepy/perverted when I asked her if I could videotape a few seconds of her doing a simple action for my final project. I then drew out each frame of the video to make the animation. The second half is kind of fun because you get to see how many drawings it takes to make a short animation.

"Travelin' Thru"

This is one of my 2 final projects for an Adobe After Effects class that I took. They're both really cheesy, but they also took an immense amount of time to do. This one features the beloved stuffed animal of my brother's, "Chocolate."


This was my other final project for my After Effects class. It features the worst lip-syncing ever seen in animation history. The huge amount of time that it took me to do these [lame-o] projects made me realize just how difficult it is to do those computer-generated special effects you see in movies.