Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"The Cold Umbrella & the Warm Scarf"

This is a project I did for Character Animation. It's actually a combination of 2 assignments: 1) to draw an inanimate object expressing a feeling (in my case, it's cold) and 2) to show it's interaction with another inanimate object.


damienchristopher said...

you're fucking awesome susan. the scarf cracked me up. your works always makes me smile

YoPaulie said...

I love this! It takes the principles of animating the half-filled flour sack with emotion and applies them perfectly!

I rather enjoyed the way the umbrella went tighter and tighter in stages, rather than just going into full-compact mode right away.

I liked the umbrella better that the scarf, as the scarf is obviously an affection whore.