Friday, February 29, 2008

Montage - Part 1 (Rough cut)

Still need to edit it later on, with some DP footage. And some of those snippets will have to be colored in. Hopefully.

Business Cards - Part 1

Here's the first draft of one of the 2 business cards that we have to design for Portfolio class. It initially seemed like a cute idea to me to have a pirate map on the back of the card with my contact info, but now I'm not so sure. The second card will look completely different; I'll design that later this week.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I Heart Typography

After a weekend of panic attacks, dissatisfied work, and misery, I decided to take a break from DP and reward myself with some typography lovin'. That's right- I love fonts. Dave spent about 4 hours going over typography this morning, in preparation for the production of our business cards/marketing materials. I'm sure some of my classmates wanted to stab themselves in the eye with their Wacom pen, but I loved it. I've always been really interested in fonts; I love how you can convey an idea or emotion just by the shape of letters, regardless of the actual written content. I'm just fooling around for now; I'm not necessarily going to keep either this color or content, but I kind of like the top left font. It's cartoony, but in a subtle way. In case I don't want to be subtle, there's the top right card. It screams "I'm an animator, damn it." Lastly, I'm considering doing a nautical theme for my business card- whales, treasure maps, and whatnot. So I found a a treasure map font, believe it or not. It's not that fun, but it would fit the theme, anyway.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


This drawing doesn't have that much to do with my DP except to say that I'm getting pretty tired of drawing myself, and it'd be a lot more amusing if I could draw myself as a "Little Sister" with a Big Daddy.
Speaking of "Bioshock"... here's a super cute video of a dad and his daughter dressed up like said duo.

Intro to Montage

Here's the short intro that I made to my animation montage. I might change the lettering/font for the titles in the near future. (They're just hand-scribbled right now.) I'm usually kind of a font freak, but because I recently had to wipe out my laptop, I lost all of the fonts that I had collected. And I'm not about to use frackin' Comic Sans or Times New Roman.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reality Bites

Okay, I have 6 weeks before my DP is supposed to be completed. Tonight, I sat down with a notepad, my DP Flash file open, and a calculator. Turns out I have 22 scenes and- roughly- 2,933 frames to draw. That averages to about 489 frames a week. Tack on the fact that I have to rewrite the script, re-record the audio, and possibly hand-color every frame in watercolor... wow. I think that I just had a stoke. 3 and 1/2 years have passed without me saying this, but: "I think that I'd rather be back in pharmacy school right now."

However, I just watched Conan O'Brien sing George Michael's "Faith" on Late Night, and after laughing my ass off, I feel better. I'm easily swayed that way.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ok, so we've been told that we have to make 2 posts a week. I don't know if I'm interesting enough to make 2 meaningful posts a week, but whatev.

I'm taking a step back with my DP. Leland thinks that I'm being a bit too anal in carefully animating out small scenes. He wants me to go and make an animatic for the entire film, so that we can make sure the movement and everything is ok. I sat down and tried to do it a dozen times on my computer, but kept blanking. So I took out a pen and some paper and hand-drew out a very rough storyboard (pen and paper! How novel). I used to make much more detailed, illustrative storyboards, but now I just make these super roughed out ones. It's more to establish camera angles and placement of characters.
In other news... I found out that my "Lost Friend" film has been accepted into the Boston Underground Film Festival. I'm pretty surprised, but was happy to hear that [at least] 2 other Massart kids got their work in. I'm more interested in getting our school's program recognized over any personal recognition that I may receive. I think that it will be more important in the long run.