Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reality Bites

Okay, I have 6 weeks before my DP is supposed to be completed. Tonight, I sat down with a notepad, my DP Flash file open, and a calculator. Turns out I have 22 scenes and- roughly- 2,933 frames to draw. That averages to about 489 frames a week. Tack on the fact that I have to rewrite the script, re-record the audio, and possibly hand-color every frame in watercolor... wow. I think that I just had a stoke. 3 and 1/2 years have passed without me saying this, but: "I think that I'd rather be back in pharmacy school right now."

However, I just watched Conan O'Brien sing George Michael's "Faith" on Late Night, and after laughing my ass off, I feel better. I'm easily swayed that way.

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YoPaulie said...

Now, C'mon... what's 500 drawings per week work out to?

72 drawings per day. If you do a drawing every 2 minutes... that's less than 2 and a half hours per day.

You can DO IT!!!
**said in crazy creole cajunman voice**