Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Break - Coloring Stuff

That's right, it's Spring Break this week, and it's Girls Gone Wild as I, uh, tediously continue to bang out drawings for my DP, and now work on coloring in my PSA. Now that 3 + 1/2 years of art school has passed, and as I approach graduation, I can look back on my body of work and think... why the hell haven't I done any work in color?! Pretty much every single thing I have done is in black and white! The simple answer, of course, is: time. I just always run out of time at the end of my projects/semesters, and never have the time to color stuff in. Shit, even my DP is starting to look that way. Unfortunately, that makes a pretty bland little reel for me to have for potential employers. This week, I'm just trying to establish a color palette for my PSA (as seen above), and I'm struggling a bit due to my inexperience in working with color.

As a side note... when I look over my PSA again, I want to laugh at how "small" the project now seems, compared to my DP. Even though it has +500 frames in it.

I'm very excited that I received my Perry Bible Fellowship comic book today.


Maya said...

Its great to see your PSA colored, i really like the kid on the right. Have fun ;-)

Anonymous said...

For color inspiration, visit

His work has been inspiring me for years!

Anonymous said...

oops! I meant