Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coloring without colors

I'm down to the wire now with my DP. Last Friday was the Squealing Pegs deadline, and I had to hand in my finished, black and white version. Leland is giving me until this coming Mon to finish coloring in my DP. And when I say color, I mean color it in with whites and grays. I was sort of disappointed when my classmates shouted down my desire to color my DP in nice, vibrant colors. Both my portfolio teacher, Dave, and I felt that my animation reel is way too lacking in finished and colored work. I was excited to finally be doing some work in color! But my DP class really thought that it would look nicer in black and white. After slaving away last week on coloring in every frame, I'm about 80% done with the coloring, and I must admit that I'm starting to like the way the film looks. I had my departmental review this past Monday with animator Ruth Lingford, and when I mentioned that I may want to go back in and add shading and highlights, she laughed at me. "Life's too short" was her response; meaning, just move on. I suppose she's right.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I came home from the hospital this morning (visiting Michael; he's growing quickly into a little fattie!) and saw a box from UPS for me at my apt. I saw a familiar looking octopus taped to the top of the box. It's my business cards! Yay! I unpacked it carefully, and looked at a few of them in detail. Looks pretty good! Except... WTF MF?! I had to laugh at myself: I made a spelling error! Which is especially funny because nobody is more anal than ME about spelling. I guess it's because I used a really condensed font on the front of the card- it made it more difficult to see the mistake. Sigh, oh well. $50 down the drain and a week wasted. It may turn out to be a blessing in disguise, because I got to tweak the colors and positioning of stuff on the card, now that I see what it looks like in print. But still... what a dumb ass I am.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


On one of the "Seinfeld" DVDs, Jerry Seinfeld talks about why all of the show's episodes are named "The _____" (e.g., "The Contest," "The Pony"). He said that he didn't want the writers wasting time by sitting around and thinking up clever titles every week. I wish I could do the same- I have never been very good at thinking up titles for my films. For my DP, I wrote down a handful of potential titles a few months ago (they all seemed stupid to me), and then promptly forgot about them. Fast forward a few months- now I have to think about it. We're supposed to be working on our film posters, and I still can't decide on what I want as the title. I had previously written down "Southern Exposure" (and one of my classmates even suggested it), due to the inspiration that the show "Northern Exposure" gave me to move to a small town. But I don't know- it seems a little too predictable. God. If anybody has any ideas, please let me know.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Delerium sets in

Is laughing hysterically at one of your own drawings as bad as laughing at your own joke? For some reason, I found this image to be soooo funny while I was working on my DP today. Ugh. I should get some sleep tonight. (And yes, there are lots of other racial stereotyping that will be seen in my DP.)

Uh... color?

Unbelievably, I think that I'll be able to finish all of my black and white animation by Monday's deadline. I'll probably need a few days after that to do the sound and editing, and then, I'll finally have a finished film that I can hand in. Now, the question is- should I go in and color this mofo afterwards? Digitally coloring 3000 frames isn't as painful as watercoloring (Laura) or pastel-coloring (Kara) 3000 frames, but it's still a huge pain in the ass. I think that I'm going to have to say, yes, I want to go back in and color everything afterwards. I think that this still from my DP perfectly sums up how I feel about that workload ahead of me.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Business Cards - Final

Meh, nothing that exciting to post this week. I've had to work every night at the pharmacy this week, and my DP is due on Monday, so it's been maddeningly stressful to try and complete the film on time. Right now I'm probably about a week behind schedule, unfortunately. I can hopefully get all the animation done by Monday, but will need another week to do all the post-production crap.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

15 Drawings Per Second

I'm struggling to cross the finish line with my degree project. One of my interns at work asked me this week, "Which do you think is harder- pharmacy school or art school?" I had to mull that over. It's just different. Pharmacy school was definitely difficult- it was a constant, non-stop onslaught of insanely hard exams. But art school is more labor intensive. It's more like running a marathon, whereas pharmacy school was more like a series of sprints. Time-wise, I think that I spend more time on my projects now, than I did studying for exams in pharmacy school. That's because in pharmacy school, I didn't have to do absurd things like draw in squirrel anuses in a couple dozen frames.