Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coloring without colors

I'm down to the wire now with my DP. Last Friday was the Squealing Pegs deadline, and I had to hand in my finished, black and white version. Leland is giving me until this coming Mon to finish coloring in my DP. And when I say color, I mean color it in with whites and grays. I was sort of disappointed when my classmates shouted down my desire to color my DP in nice, vibrant colors. Both my portfolio teacher, Dave, and I felt that my animation reel is way too lacking in finished and colored work. I was excited to finally be doing some work in color! But my DP class really thought that it would look nicer in black and white. After slaving away last week on coloring in every frame, I'm about 80% done with the coloring, and I must admit that I'm starting to like the way the film looks. I had my departmental review this past Monday with animator Ruth Lingford, and when I mentioned that I may want to go back in and add shading and highlights, she laughed at me. "Life's too short" was her response; meaning, just move on. I suppose she's right.

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