Friday, May 9, 2008


Wow, what a rollercoaster week this has been. Last Friday, I returned home at night, stressed out from a super crazy week at work. Plus, the final final final deadline for our DPs was on the following Monday. I brewed a huge pot of coffee and prepared to pull an all-nighter to finish my film. Around 1 am, I received an email from the faculty of our dept that my DP was not chosen for our school's main animation show, Squealing Pegs, but for the On Deck show (I think the title pretty much sums up THAT show). I hate to admit it, but it totally crushed my spirit. I have never worked so hard on something before in my life; I've gained weight, not seen my friends, and been stressed out and exhausted for 8 months straight. So it was hurtful that I couldn't be included with my other classmates' DPs in the main show.

Fast forward to Wednesday night. I was excited to see some of my friends' animations that would be in the program, but at that point, was pretty meh about my own. That's why I was so surprised that my film received such a warm response. In the end, the audience voted my DP as the show favorite, and it was selected to be re-played at Squealing Pegs! (As were 2 of my totally deserving classmates.)

And now, Friday night. My parents were in town to see my baby nephew, and were taken to the show by my brother and his wife. My parents have NEVER been supportive of anything art-related in my life. I was so surprised that they seemed to really enjoy my film, and were seemingly happier and prouder of me than when I graduated from pharmacy school! Afterwards, when I went to the gallery exhibit that lovely Laura spent so much time setting up, many people came up to me to offer their compliments. I was so touched when people told me that the final message of the film- to never do anything just for the money- caused some personal reflection on their own lives and the decisions that they've made. That my tiny film could have that kind of effect on people is truly the greatest compliment of all.

Of course, I have to add this totally racist observation: multiple times at the gallery exhibit, people cautiously approached me and asked, "Are you... Susan Chien?" Hello? Obvi! Do you see any other Asians here tonight?! :)


Anonymous said...

Way to go Susan! Totally kick-ass animation!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Congrats on finishing and it getting the recognition it deserves. Loved it.

YoPaulie said...

Susan!!!! That was great! Congratulations on completing your DP (I know how that is!), and all the well-deserved accolades you received! No more can you look to the floor, shuffle your feet, and mumble "Well, it's OK, I guess".

Now, you can look to the floor, shuffle your feet, and say "Other people seem to like it"!


Seki said...

Hey Susan, I loved your DP! It must be a lot of weight off your chest to finally be done with it. Congrats!


Laura Piraino said...

I love you little chop chop!!!! Everyone is RAVING about your film, you should be really proud of yourself and start submitting that puppy. On Deck my ass.



Alan C said...

Hey Susan, loved your DP video. It's very witty and I'm very proud of you!

Your Big Bro

PanPan said...

Loved it! Special thanks to Alan for sending it along. I was laughing so hard that my hallmates came knocking on my door asking me to calm down.

Susan Chien said...

Thanks for all the nice comments, everybody! It's nice to know that somebody out there is reading my blog. :)

Daniel Koontz said...

Hi Susan,

We really enjoyed your film too (your big bro was nice enough to forward it along to us). Best of luck to you, and we're looking foward to tuning into your blog to see you future work!

Daniel Koontz
Laura Perrin

Jeanne said...

I just wanted to say your animation is brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed it...I live/work overseas and Asians are definitely the minority. (I received your link through a friend.) Well done. Cheers.