Monday, May 12, 2008

Portfolio Night - only Blueberry Beer made it better

Portfolio Night is a big night for the Communication Arts Dept (which encompasses Design, Illustration, and Animation). You basically spend a lot of sleepless nights and money polishing all your stuff, making DVDs, resumes, 2D illustration portfolio, and other self-promoting materials. After setting everything up, you sit at a table and awkwardly wait for potential employers to come in and gawk over your stuff. Unfortunately for the animation dept, virtually no one came in to talk to us (2 companies very briefly stopped by). Who knows why? Maybe it was just a lack of interest this year. Maybe it was the rain. All we knew is that it was a huge waste of time, and we disappointingly made zero contacts for all of our efforts. Everybody was exhausted- we went straight from the hellish conclusion of our DPs to the around-the-clock preparation for Portfolio Night. As we packed up at the end of the night (2 of my classmates suffered injuries while breaking down the projection room), we knew that only 1 thing could make everything okay: Boston Beer Works. As we shared drinks and food, most of us suddenly felt a huge weight lifted from our shoulders. It was finally all over- all that remained was graduation.

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