Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What an empty life these kids have

I got my latest edition of the ongoing "The Complete Peanuts" collection from amazon today. I've been too busy with school to read any of them (9 volumes so far), but plan on going through and enjoying every single strip when I'm free from homework this summer. It's sad for me to think that my nephew, Michael, will grow up without all the wonderful art (yes, ART, I say!) that I grew up with. On Saturday mornings, I would sit and watch Looney Tunes for hours (I've come to realize that Chuck Jones had an immense influence on my animation, and even my personal sense of humor). And on Sundays, I used to sit and read the funnies thoroughly- mesmerized by the wonderful worlds of Charles Schulz and Bill Watterson. What will Michael have growing up? Goddamn "Da Bratz" cartoons and terrible CG bullshit series that last for 1 season? Sunday funnies with more ads than cartoons, and that effin' "Family Circus" that just won't die? Augh! When I babysit him, I'm going to quietly whisper "Snoopy" and "Calvin and Hobbes" to him.

By the way, if it's been awhile since you've watched an old Chuck Jones cartoon, do yourself a favor and watch Feed the Kitty. The dog's expression at 03:41 is priceless.

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