Sunday, July 27, 2008

Film Festivals

Film festivals are a pain in the ass to enter, as well as very expensive. Still, it's always a nice piece of news when you find out that you got into one. (And in my case, always unexpected.) My animation, "Lost Friend," will be playing at the Woods Hole Festival this week. It also recently got accepted into the Independents' Film Festival. Not too bad for a short film made with charcoal pencils and a memo pad. The only problem with "Lost Friend" is that recently, people have started to ask me if I "copied" the robot design from Wall-E. Le sigh. The answer, of course, is No! I made that film ~2 years before I had seen Wall-E. I don't take it too personally; after all, Pixar has been accused of ripping off their robot design from a certain other robot...

I just entered my DP into a bunch of festivals in the last week or so, so I'm hoping that that film will get me even further.

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