Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ottawa Int'l Animation Festival

I'm sorry, but were you aware that MASSART ANIMATION KICKS SOME BOO-TAY?! It was announced this week that our school's showreel has been one of the four reels selected for the School Showreel Competition in OIAF. A mere glance at how prestigious the other schools are, and the short duration of time that our program has even existed, makes this accomplishment even more amazing.

For those of you who aren't familiar with OIAF, let's just say that it's a big deal in the animation world. It's the only international animation film festival in North America. Last year was the first year that a MassArt submission was even accepted by OIAF. This year, my amazing friend, Kara, had her DP accepted, and now, our schoolreel is in the festival. This has been a big week for our scrappy little animation department! MassArt is the only publicly funded art school in the country, and sometimes, it shows. You should see our dept at school- things have improved quite a bit lately, but there's definitely an air of "let's just make do with what we have." Stuff is just duct taped and slapped together everywhere. It's crazy that we're in competition with the big boys, now!

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