Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Steno Book Sketches

I decided to start posting some of the drawings that I do on a weekly basis. As with all art students, I recognize the importance of drawing every single day- outside of schoolwork and work work- just to make sure that all of your senses and skills remain intact. Of course, the problem is finding the time and energy for it. Unlike some precocious illustrators who I know, I don't sit down and do beautiful drawings every day. Rather, I mainly find the time to draw during the day when I'm waiting for or riding the subway (or, as we Bostonians call it, the "T"). So don't expect any wonderfully rendered illustrations; these are usually done quickly, with a shaky hand while the bus or subway jostles me to and fro.

You may notice that almost all of these sketches are done in a cheap and crappy steno book. There is a method behind my madness: for years, I would buy all of these nice sketchbooks with hardbound covers and thick, lush pages... and then never draw in them. I guess there's just this annoying tendency of mine to make them too "precious," and to not want to ruin them with my crap-ass drawings. So I threw aside the Moleskins and other nice sketchbooks that I owned, and went to Staples and bought a huge pack of these crap steno books. Now, I feel completely uninhibited in filling the pages with whatever stupid idea comes into my mind. So, sorry- there's going to be a lot of yellow colored posts coming here in the future.

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