Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Super Racist Animation

Did I mention that I've been asked to do these really racist animation sequences for the Herskovits documentary? It felt pretty weird having to troll the internet for racist stereotypes that I could use in my animatic. It reminded me of when I was working on my DP: I had to hit a couple of KKK sites (to see how they put the white robe on their horses), and I had to look for super racist portrayals of Chinese people. I guess things could be worse- I could be working at a T.G.I.Fridays.

BTW, that closeup of the black face was inspired by a racist toothpaste I used to see while living in Taiwan as a child. It was called "Darkie" toothpaste, and it featured an image of a smiling black man with a top hat. I believe that the makers of the toothpaste has since changed its name to "Darlie" toothpaste, but it still contains the racist image on it.


s a r a h gay said...

Thats pretty crazy about the toothpaste..


I added you to my links list :)

Leah3t said...

the toothpaste add is sort of twistedly funny because whenever white people are like "oh what wonderful white teeth you have" i'm like "no you idiot i just have dark skin than you. my teeth are the same as yours."

Leah3t said...

that is "darkER" skin. my scathing comment would probably be more scathing if i spelled it properly.