Monday, August 11, 2008

DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival

Hey, guess what? My DP, "Southern Exposure," got into a film festival! This is the first festival that my DP got into, so I'm pretty excited. Plus, my older brother, Alan, lives in Northern Virginia (aka NoVA), so I now have an excuse to go and visit him.

Additionally, it will be interesting to see the reaction from other Asian people to my film. While it was gratifying to have the MassArt audiences give me nice feedback to my film, let's face it- there were only a handful of Asian people in the crowd. I'm interested to see how people who may have experienced something similar to me will react to the film!


YoPaulie said...

LOL, What makes you think anyone else had the same experience you had?


Susan Chien said...

My Chinese-American friend, Neal, who lives outside of DC, told me:

"I remember when I worked for a moving company while in Pharmacy School since no one would hire me since I had no pharmacy experience, there was a mover there who kept calling me "Rice." He was black and probably 60 years old. We often worked on the same moving team. I didn't think too much of it and we actually we became really good friends. Your short film reminded me of that when I saw it. Hope it wins lots of awards. Give me shout when you do come down. It would be great if we can meet up."

LOL... "Rice."

Jenny Kim said...

Hi Susan, I'm one of the Co-Directors for the DC APA Film Festival. We're thrilled to feature 'Southern Exposure'; it was definitely a staff favorite this year.

I noticed that you're working on some other projects, and was wondering if you'd have any other material to bring with you to DC. We'd love to get a sneak peek at your current work!