Sunday, September 28, 2008

Asians and Me in Washington, DC

Almost as soon as I got home from OIAF, it was time to unpack, repack, and then fly down to DC for the Asian Pacific American Film Festival! The skies poured down rain all weekend, but I still had a great time with my brothers Alan and Larry, and Alan's wife, Valerie (or, "Valan," as they refer to themselves). My degree project was shown in Friday night's short film showcase (fittingly named "Displace Must Be the Place"). Most of the films (mine was the only animated one) featured amusing and interesting views on the Asian-American experience. The final short, "The State of Sunshine," was a powerful film on the desperate lives of 2 illegal immigrants in America. It reminded me that even with little to no budget, perhaps the most important tool in a filmmaker's box is the story. After the showing was over, there was a short Q & A session with myself and the 2 other filmmakers who were in attendance. I was not prepared at all, and was nervous to speak in front of the audience. Overall, everybody from the festival was extremely welcoming and nice, and the audience had some nice feedback for me.

After the film festival, there was still time left in the weekend for some delicious food eating and Smithsonian museum touring. I was attacked by a pterodactyl in the Museum of Natural History.

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