Saturday, November 29, 2008

More film festivals- including one I completely forgot about

When I was busy traveling around in Sept and Oct, I forgot that my film "Lost Robot" was screened at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival on Oct. 25. I couldn't attend, of course, but the festival did provide a learning experience. I found out how expensive and annoying it is to try and obtain a freakin' BETA tape version of my film. (That's right! Beta! Most of my young classmates aren't even old enough to remember Beta format. My family did have a Beta tape player in the '80s, from which my brother, Larry, and I would watch our tapes of "Animalympics" and "The NeverEnding Story.")

Oddly, I was also asked to be included in a film festival that I never even submitted to! Turns out some people from the MergingArts Short Short Story Film Festival saw "Lost Robot" at the Woods Hole Film Festival this summer, and wanted to include it in their program. (The festival features films 5 minutes and under from around the world that tell a story.) Anyway, it was shown today at Concord, NH. (I had completely forgotten about this festival until they emailed me about the showing.) It's nice that I had a mini pay-off from one film festival, but hey, you know what would be awesomer? How about a job offer?

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