Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WACOM - Wha?!

I recently discovered that I had almost completely worn down the nib of my Wacom pen. It's kinda crazy to think that I've only had the pen (and my Bamboo Fun tablet) for about a year. Clearly, most of the damage was done during the work for my DP.

In trying to look online for a replacement nib (a new pen would run $30-$50 or more), I discovered that there are DIFFERENT nibs available for Wacom pens! WTF, MF?! Why am I just finding out about this NOW?! There are stroke nibs (with a spring, to give a more brush-like feel), felt nibs (with more friction, to give a more real pen feel), and then the white standard nibs. (You can also buy a kit that has all of them.) Damn.

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