Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boston International Film Festival

The documentary that Laura, Kara, Brian and I worked on got into the Boston International Film Festival! It screened this afternoon at the Loews Cinema at the Boston Common. The film received a pretty good reception, and Llew, the director, gave a shout-out to us animators during the Q&A afterward. He also pointed out that it was sort of a learning experience for him to work with animators, and honestly, it was for us, too. Live-action filmmakers just have no clue how long it takes us to make the simplest animations, or how much work it requires to change the smallest things after the animation is done. I also feel like we should have communicated this more clearly to the studio, too, as well as provide more detailed storyboards and animatics to insure that the final animation is to everybody's liking. I remember reading somewhere once that a major studio like Blue Sky- with hundreds of people working on a feature film- might finish 1-2 seconds of animation per week. That just goes to show how tedious and laborious animation is.

In any case, I'm glad that the film is finished, and out in the festival circuit now. It was definitely a rewarding experience, overall. Look for us on national PBS towards the end of the year!