Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Running in Olmsted Park

I started running this summer. I usually go in the late morning, before I head into work. Almost every single day, rain or shine, I see this man sitting in the park, drinking a vast amount of PBRs. I have multiple copies of the same running shirt, so I look the same everyday, and he must recognize me. I don't think he's homeless, but he obviously doesn't have a job. We exchange glances whenever I run by, and I think of how he is wasting his time. Then I realized that he is probably thinking the same thing about me.

I hate summertime tourists

Actually, I guess I don't really hate tourists. I don't mind when they stop me for directions, or when they quack at me when their Duck Tour goes by. But I DO hate it when they stand in the middle of the street/subway stairwell/wherever, instead of standing off to the side. Do they really think halfway up the stairwell is a good place to consult their Boston map, when 304 commuters are trying to get out and go to work?

And also, as seen in this quick sketch from the T, why must they dress like complete spazzes when vacationing in Boston?

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yeah, it's been kind of a crazy summer; sorry for the lack of posts. Here are some sketches from my steno books this summer.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Animation Block Party 2009

Hey there! Sorry for the lack of posts recently. You know how it is: summertime. Just trying to go out and have some fun. I've been working on a few small projects, which I'll post about soon.

My DP is going to be shown at Animation Block Party tonight. I couldn't get time off of work to go, but it's still pretty cool.

UPDATE: Hey! I just got an email from ABP. They said that the ABP jury chose "Southern Exposure" as the winner of "Documentary Short" at this summer’s film festival. Yay! This honor was also awarded to my buddy, Laura, during last summer's festival. I'm just glad that we're getting the word out that MassArt Animation is super fresh!