Thursday, August 20, 2009

"The Ugliest Person I Have Ever Seen"

We talk trash about our customers at work all the time, but it's mainly directed at rude, ignorant, or drug-seeking individuals. Meaning, we're not cruel people; we don't sit around making fun of normal customers. Just the ones who are bitchy and rude to us.

So I was really surprised to hear one of my very nice interns whisper to me, "That is the ugliest person that I have ever seen in my life." Wha! That is so rude; a person can't help it if they're just completely physically unattractive! I was getting ready to rebuke him, but when I spied the customer across the pharmacy, I sort of had to agree. The poor guy looked like a real life version of a grown up "Rugrat" cartoon character: he was all teeth and forehead, and had a football shaped head. It was very unfortunate.

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