Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some sketchbook drawings from Barcelona

Here are some drawings that I just found from my Barcelona/ANIMAC trip back in March. I don't have that many because I traveled with my brother, Larry, who probably would not have tolerated long pauses on our trip just so that I could draw people and buildings.

The left page is of some characters that we had met in Barcelona. We had taken a city tour with a guide (the guy at the bottom), and this Asian guy, Lorenzo (there are Asians named Lorenzo?!), was on the same tour with us. He was an American, too, so we all had lunch together (vegetarian paella and champagne sangria!) and a nice little chat. The right page is of a costumed character and a dog that I saw at the ANIMAC festival in Lleida.

This is a copy of a drawing that I did of this man. The first one was given to him, at his request. We had difficultly communicating, as his English was poor and my Catalan was non-existent, but it sounded like he was an artist/filmmaker. He was roaming around the festival all week in this tiger costume, and when he saw me drawing people in the plaza, asked that I draw a picture of him. He was very excited to receive my crude little sketch.

I saw the little boy roaming around the plaza where the animation festival was held. He was all bundled up, as it was a chilly spring day. The drawing on the right is of one of the festival organizers. She often helped us out because she was one of the few people we met in Lledia who was very fluent in English. For example, she could confirm to us that our shiny black plate of rice was black because of a gallon of squid ink that they used on the food. (Great.) I never caught her name, so I kept referring to her all week as "Velma" (because she had a great resemblance to the Scooby Doo character).

Another dog and little kid that I observed from the plaza.

Larry and I had a great time in Spain, but the trip ended disastrously. We both got food poisoning the night of my film's screening, and spent an absolutely horrible final night in Lleida. I was vomiting every couple of hours, and poor Larry had it coming out the other end. The next morning, I was still vomiting and weak, but we had to check out of our hotel... it was a taxi, train, subway, plane, train, and taxi ride before I was finally home, shivering and exhausted in my own bed.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Peanut butter and jelly animation

A couple of months ago, a small (i.e., comprised of 2 people) wedding videography company contacted me. They had seen my work on YouTube, and wanted to hire me to do a short animation for their wedding DVDs. It would essentially be the opening "trailer" for their clients' DVDs, before you see any actual footage. Weddings aren't exactly my thing, but they were so nice that I was happy to take the job, and help them out. Especially when they were down with my ridiculous pitch: "Hey, why don't we show a peanut-butter toast getting married to a jelly-toast?"

I'm finishing the animation this month.