Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Backgrounds/Color Palette for Keanuville

Micah Van Hove, the director for Keanuville, used a very specific color palette for the live-action video: dark reds, purples, maroons, blues. A melancholy and almost- sinister?- color scheme. The challenge with the animated scene is: how do I remain consistent with the look he has achieved, and yet, lighten it up a bit? Because, after all, it is a fantasy sequence.

First of all, I spent an afternoon using Google Image search to find an assortment of high-res colored/artist paper type of images that seemed good for the color scheme that I was going for. I had them all saved in a folder when it dawned on me... am I allowed to do this? That is, am I legally allowed to use other people's images in my own project under Fair Use and etc.? I'm just using other people's scanned images of textured paper as animation backgrounds... it seems pretty harmless. I am still unclear what the answer is. [If any artist types out there have any insight to this, I would love to hear from you.] Well, I decided to avoid both legal ramifications as well as the accidental pilfering of another artist's work by just making my own backgrounds. I was slightly freaking out, though, because the deadline for the video is tomorrow, and here I am, watercoloring small sheets of paper and throwing salt on the paint. (The salt absorbs the paint in random areas and adds a bit more texture to the way the paint looks.)

Also, the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game came out today, and I am waiting until this project is done before I go out and pick up a copy. MUST FOCUS.

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